Monday, 27 August 2012

The Benjamin Button System

I've been telling people I'm on the Benjamin Button system.

Sure, I (so far [KNOCK ON WOOD OMG]) have some lucky genes in the aging department, but like many gay guys, I strive to fight Father Time.

There's no reason not to improve ourselves in every way possible as we get older.  Instead of aging, we can aim to improve ourselves, Mother Nature willing, year over year.

With some stumbles, personally I've done pretty good at this in these last few years of being a newly Out Gay, if I do say so myself.

I avoided sports as a child.  Was it because I was gay, or was it because I lived in mortal fear of breaking a bone or spraining an ankle ?

I learned very early in life that, to quote Chris Rock, life is not short.  Life is long.

If I avoided sports in fear of injury, perhaps this, too, points to "Gay."  It seems gay men are almost assuredly narcissists by nature.  A broken bone is more than an inconvenience, some sports injuries mutilate.  Yet Orlando Soria's recent poignant letter to straight people  (ironically poignant since it's a long letter, there are lots of points packed-in) states that all of us FFKs (Former Fat Kids) seem cursed with body dysmorphia... possibly for eternity.  He argues that gays could possibly be better people because of, in essence, our eternal self-hatred (at least that's what I took from his controversial post).

But to a degree worse than most, I ignored my health when I was younger.  That has made it a lot easier to live better today.  My core goal is to at least maintain what I still have, health-wise, but in any way possible, I now want to get better, and (fortunately or unfortunately) there's still plenty that can be done to improve.

I almost never eat fast-food anymore.  I don't smoke, and I am up on the current health sciences.

That should cover that all-important physical manifestation of the gay male body.

Perhaps it's far easier, however, to improve our biggest sex organ.  I do my best to learn as much as I can along the way.

If only we were all so inclined.

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