Thursday, 23 February 2012

Justin Bieber

18... O RLY??
It's a name that is used in office jokes, macho punchlines, and in parody of the whole notion of celebrity.

Or, at the least, in cynical mocking of child stars.

The unspoken name in music these days seems to be... Justin Bieber.

As an adult gay without kids, I just didn't get much exposure to The Bieb.  (For the record, homo males are the least likely to be "into" children.  Google if you need to.)

Straights chide anyone who might be gay-ish, suggesting that they must know everything there is to know about Bieber (my straight friends know I'm a homo and I've heard it).  But only after seeing The Movie on (add more content including more gay-themed flicks or I'm cancelling) can I admit to being aware of him as a performer.  And I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and learned to appreciate his natural musical talents.  He is one of the first internet-born superstars, but, sadly, he might be (like most child stars) caught up in what's probably not the most ideal upbringing.

As a "normal" 40s gay man (ie. not a pedo and barely ever on YouTube) I hadn't had any exposure to him.  But girl, I love a show and The Bieb puts on a show.  The movie seemed to be a respectable, honest portrayal.  I came away learning that the kid is actually talented.

Very talented.

Seems this comes as a surprise to people.

Maybe it's his "distracting" good looks ?  He is as cute as a button in most pictures.  In others, he looks a bit like a mid-30s lesbian farmer (a fashionable one, no doubt).

But what counts is that I now have no question in my mind that Justin Bieber is a talented writer and performer and it's just a matter of time before his music matures.  He had soulful rhythm when he was 6.  By 8, he was drumming better than I ever could.

But by age 16 in the movie, his voice was grovelly, and that's just not "normal" and might not be the best life for a kid (here I go, challenging celebrity worship again... internet micro-celebrities should hopefully balance this whole system eventually).

As I edit this, J-Bieb (as I like to call him) just turned 18.  According to Wikipedia, after March 1st, fellow Canadians are able to legally gaze upon Justin as the full-fledged adult male that he will (probably very, very, very slowly) become.

How to handle that scratchy throat -- heal it, or encourage it to be permanently  raspy -- it's almost surely what his managers discuss in the darkest hours, after Justin falls fast asleep in his "crib."  I bet they hope his voice doesn't shift into adulthood too soon, or ever for that matter.

It's almost impossible not to think of Michael Jackson and his plight.

Hopefully once Justin is "of age" he will still be as grounded as he seems to be now.  Canada usually exports classy, high quality entertainers, of that there's little doubt.  Justin's no exception, so far.

So fellow gays, it's now not (so) wrong to hope for a leaked celebrity nude pic of J-Babe's post-18th-bash showing one big, hairy J-Biev.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Born This Way, or Fagging-Out For Fun ?

The whole nature vs. nurture, or perhaps better put the "Born This Way" vs. "catching the gay" argument has little bearing today on the fight for GLBT rights.

In the Free World, we must be able to act as we feel, as long as we don't hurt others  (or ourselves, at least to some degree).  If this means that more people end up embracing gayness in whatever form, for whatever reasons, either permanently or temporarily, that's just how it goes.

More is obviously good for us, right ?  That seems to be the big concern by the haters.  Don't worry American Conservatives, even if more people choose to sprinkle some gay into their lives, there will still be plenty of wanted and unwanted kids being born (about 7 babies born every minute in the USA alone).

I felt compelled to reply to a Davey Wavey post (I'm a big fan, by the way) about the recent brouhaha caused by a celebrity saying she personally felt that she made a choice to "go gay."

Here's my comment to Davey's post:
Love your posts and videos Davey but on this one I have to agree with most of the comments here, in particular that there IS choice involved in almost everything, and thank goodness for that.
What we MUST fight for is FREEDOM TO CHOOSE, something it appears American Conservatives need to brush-up on as they DO NOT embrace freedom if they don't believe that your personal life is your own business.
Besides, if gay isn’t a choice in many cases, how do we get hot straight-guy hook-ups ? ;)

Today, it seems that entertaining the thought that "gay is not a choice" is counter-productive to GLBT rights.  At one time in the past it probably did help to suggest that an innate same-sex attraction may exist on a genetic or hormonal level but in the end, who cares how one person might fall in love with another and want to spend the rest of their lives (or a couple of weeks, or even hours) together ?

But what about inside the GLBT community ?  There are clearly some "born this way" gay guys.  Davey Wavey is perhaps a perfect example.  I'm not that clear-cut a case, in fact from another comment on Davey's post I've learned I am "stromo" which means I'm a masculine homo with a fairly poor fashion sense and a messy house.  Guilty as charged !

If the "Born This Way" homos are right, then where does that leave me ?  "No femmes" masculine fetishists aside, I sometimes feel like I'm considered a gay "wannabe" outsider by the mainstream gay culture today.  There seems to be a choice to make of twink, buff, or bear, with no space for anything else.

Instead of looking inward, we should really all be focusing on gay hate.  Is it in the water ?  The upbringing ?  Or is it usually just a case of gays or bisexuals practicing self-hate, which, frighteningly, ends up aiming outward ?

I know that if I couldn't embrace my own attraction to guys, I'd end up being one miserable, probably ultra-conservative, sonofabitch.