Friday, 9 March 2012

Dear Kirk Cameron

Dear Kirk Cameron,

While recently approaching the age of 40, I did a great deal of "soul searching."

Though God knows I stayed mostly straight, I was still very single.  I had not a single rewarding relationship with a woman, in the Biblical sense or otherwise.

It appeared that I craved bananas.

I very naturally came to realize that I just wouldn't be happy unless I pursued a relationship with another man.

Taking cues from Creationism, I followed what I felt was natural, what God might be suggesting to me as the most expected path for my spirit -- the banana in the hand, so to speak.  This pointed me not to companionship with the opposite sex, but to a person who is more similar to me.

Thankfully for me, nature can (sometimes, at least) provide for those of a like mind.

For me, it just feels natural to think of another man like how a modern, genetically-selected grocery store banana opens with a tab, and slides smoothly down the throat.

Sorry for the deadpan sex reference Kirk, but I fear you've been hoodwinked.  It's time to shoot water cannons against your fears of a man marrying another man.

Equality only brings more balance and more love to a very uneasy world.

Should God drop an Ethernet cable (Cat 6 or better please) from the Heavens tomorrow, and Humanity plugs into the Universal Eden-net, I'll be totally sold -- at least for a while.  End of discussion.  I'll do what God says.  And I won't be alone.

Until, that is, God asks us to do what doesn't seem natural, beneficial and/or what's right for our fellow Man.

Even with such a sweet, thick cable dangling from the sky filled with Universal knowledge, there will be many of us here on Earth questioning what it really is about, "Who" is behind it, and what "It" may really want.

Even with such a literal connection to God, many of us won't be sold.

In this case, you shouldn't be disappointed.

You should be impressed.

And proud.

Some have faith in stories passed down from generation to generation, transcribed before the age of the printing press and translated from language to language.

And some are born to question.

But many -- most, hopefully -- will always accept what others feel is "natural" as long as it doesn't hurt others.

It's called Freedom.

This human reaction shouldn't so easily be extinguished.

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