Sunday, 11 September 2011

Dating Websites for Toronto Guys

Since this is the computer generation, everyone hot and looking for a companion has a profile online, right? Here are my experiences to-date, simmered over a slow heat:
Success: 6 out of 8 inches (plenty)
Overall: 6 out of 8 inches

Lots of "cruisers" but therein lies the problem -- it's designed around cruising and hook-ups. Even lets you know where in your neighbourhood you might be able to find someone in a bathroom or a park, didn't the internet make this sort of thing obsolete ???
Success: 0 out of 8 inches (vagina) - what the hell is that smell in here
Overall: 2 out of 8 inches (OMG) - pushes people away from each other

A great idea gone quite sour, at least in the Toronto area right now for guys seeking guys. Encouraging users to answer questions and complete tests is a noble idea, but even if you already know what you want -- be it your clone or your exact opposite -- you have no real way of directing your "hits" so you end up swinging from branch to branch even more wildly than if you didn't know anything about your potential match at all.
Success: 5 out of 8 inches (average) - hit or miss but respectable... and free
Overall: 6 out of 8 inches - free and looks good, so why not ?

Yep, the title of this site is "man jam." Please don't have a preserves section in your online store. I've met a friend on this site so all is not lost, though I haven't had a single guy rate me in weeks which leaves me guessing it's either all about the "fresh meat" or it's way hipper and younger than I am, which is quite possible. Free is free, though so high marks go here.
Success: 1 out of 8 inches (meaty clitoris) - what exactly is wrong here
Overall: 1 out of 8 inches - it's almost an innie

Nothing to say since nothing much seems to happen here, at least in Toronto. Or at least for me.
Success: 5 out of 8 inches - how much is a ticket from Ghana ?
Overall: 5 out of 8 inches - this may fall fast when the free porn runs out

If guys in Ghana are what you're looking for, then you're really going to enjoy the influx of sp-- err, messages here. The good news is that the site appears to want to really hit it big in Toronto, so when I joined I got a free Premium Account for a limited time. That means I can download selected full-length porn movies. To repeat -- free porn movies. I wonder if the Ghana guys get the free porn too.
Success: 4 out of 8 inches (sucks to be you)
Overall: 4 out of 8 inches - what the hell is going on here anyway

Quite literally the same time that I had been trying to determine if this site might be worth actual money, I saw an ad for a free week. When I clicked the ad it recognized my existing account and granted me full access. Well, I went out of my way to check out pictures and send messages to anyone who appeared to be a good match. I received a couple of responses but nothing came of it and my time is up. The week lapsed and I'm back to prisoner status.
Success: 7 out of 8 inches (oh my)
Overall: 6 out of 8 inches
So much promise, but owner(s) seem to be of the absentee variety. A shell of a site remains that doesn't allow users differentiate a Canadian guy in Toronto from a Canadian guy in Kelowna. Still a favourite since the video chat is usually filled with hot guys from around the world hanging out in their rooms.

Gay dating seems to be one of my life's biggest challenges. Maybe some cam action from around the world could be enough for a while... how about for the next decade or two.
Have you had different (better, hopefully) experiences with these sites? Have some better sites to check out? Your turn, let's hear from you.

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